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94% Exotic Fruit Answers

10 April 2015

Among all the fruits that exist, there are exotic fruits. This will be the topic of a challenge in the game 94%, and so it will be the subject in this article.

A total of 10 fruits need to be mentioned to complete this level. That’s why it won’t be so easy to find all the answers by yourself. In order to help you in your quest, our list could be helpful :

  • 25% Pineapple
  • 16% Kiwi
  • 16% Mango
  • 7% Star fruit
  • 7% Banana
  • 6% Papaya
  • 6% Passion fruit
  • 5% Dragon fruit
  • 4% Coconut
  • 2% Guava

This step was obviously not easy, and you appreciated our assistance. You might find more of that in our main article.